Artificial green

Mankind's separation from the natural habitat of wildlife is ongoing. Men has long forgotten that he is also part of nature. An essential characteristic of Western though is separation, analysis in separate structures.

Mankind – compared to the evolution of wildlife, in a relatively short time, in the last 200 years, has changed the natural resources of the Earth’s system, has transformed the structure of the flora and fauna to a great extent.

If we look into the future, the artificially planted items of the natural habitat will be present for a long time in the newly created technosphere. The character of these artificially designed locations, display only a grotesque aesthetics, a functional distraction, making fun of the original abundance of the wilderness.

We can regard them as the evidence of the conceptual character of human thought.

By photographing existing and staged post natural locations, I wish to respond to a possible dystopian view of the world, in which we can only come across plants as design elements.