Getting a steady job is a problem the 1980s Generation now widely has. They don’t have any tradition in how to enter the competition-based labour market. Their education was based on the patterns of the ”ancient regime” [the Communist rule] that were mostly founded on structures now considered out of date.

A widely seen phenomenon is that members of the 80s Generation falsify their CVs by exaggerating and colouring them in an attempt to bridge the gap the requirements they have to face with. Focusing on this particular phenomenon, I prepared three young persons’ video CVs in order to find the falsifications in them. In the beginning, the subjects were just informed that the videos are made for an artistic project, and they could later use these videos for their own purposes when applying for a job. I would in turn reveal the full truth only after the recordings had been made, and asked the subjects to mark the parts with exaggerations.

The video CVs got, afterwards, re-recorded on VHS, and I subsequently manipulated them by applying a magnet to make analogue noises to the sections which, as later admitted by the subjects, had made up or falsified things in them.