This project started out by shooting roll film and with the distinct aim of burying the resulting pictures in cyberspace through a sequence of steps. I shot the same image on all the twelve frames of the medium format film. Half of the roll was then developed as usual. The other half was kept sealed from light until a special moment of the project’s debut (2012, Nothing, Háromhét Gallery).

The developed image was scanned and a low-resolution version was uploaded to an online server. A three-stage process of destruction followed: I burnt the six developed frames and captured the act itself on digital camera. The exhibited prints show a sequence of images from this performance. After uploading the low-resolution image to the server, I deleted all the files from my computer that contained the images in any form. The other, unexposed half of the roll was placed in a light-proof box, which was then opened by a guest at the 2012 exhibition opening, and as such destroyed by the light.

Nothing else remained but a dimensionless and radically abstract binary data file on the hard drive of a remote server. The bites stored in the form of magnetic signals, however, still carry information. They can be transmitted through the proper channels and can also be transformed into a two-dimensional image on the display of various devices.